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Airtech Supply is capable of handling different types of projects at nearly any quantity. We use CNC milling equipment to make parts with high accuracy and repeatability. For harder metals, we use a CNC waterjet machine. We can also hydro form complex shapes, joggles, angles, and hot form/stress relieve small to medium size titanium parts. 

Airtech Supply is also NADCAP Age & Heat Treat Certified for Aluminum products. We can take on projects requiring tooling, including vacuum mill fixtures, assembly, forming, and production fixtures. Also, we have value-added manufacturing services for integration and assembly of final assemblies.
We use CNC machining for projects involving sheet metal and extrusions (both 3-Axis and 5-Axis). We have sheet metal of the following materials:

● Aluminum
● Steel
● Stainless Steel
● Titanium
● Composites
Catia Delmia V5 R19, Mastercam, and M1 ERP are some examples of the software we
use in manufacturing our high-quality products.

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