Heat Treat

Our Heat Treating Capabilities & Equipment

What is Heat Treating?

Heat treated parts are essential to the operation and design of many components in the aerospace industry. Heat treating is a process in which metal is heated and cooled under tight controls to improve its properties, performance, and durability. Heat treating can soften metal and improve its physical and mechanical properties while making parts harder to improve their strength. Heat treating can create a hard surface on relatively soft components, increase abrasion resistance, create a corrosion-resistant skin to protect parts that would otherwise corrode, and toughen brittle products.

The Basics of Heat Treating

Heat treating processes require three basic steps:
1. Heating to a specified temperature
2. Holding at that temperature for the appropriate amount of time
3. Cooling according to prescribed methods

What We Do

Airtech Supply uses a dual chamber oven system for performing a wide variety of aluminum heat treating applications including solution heat treating, annealing, and aging (precipitation hardening). A 400 to 1100° F high-temperature chamber is used for solution heat treating and annealing and a 200 to 500° F low-temperature chamber is used for aging.
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